It’s so hard to know when to say goodbye…

Pets are family. The love we have for them is an unbreakable bond and the love they give us is priceless.  Our pets navigate this world with us, stay by our side through the good and the bad and love us unconditionally. They are so much more than pets; they are our companions and family.

One of the hardest parts of our relationship is deciding when it is time to say goodbye. Whether it is the aging process, a disease that is keeping our pet from living the quality of life they deserve, or a sudden injury, it is the most heartbreaking step we ever take.

We are here to help. We want to work with you to help navigate some of the most common questions about end of life for your pet.

When Will I Know?

Making this choice can feel wrong and immoral, we are brought up to believe taking a life is wrong.  We can forget that euthanasia is a gift, something that, when used appropriately and timely, prevents further physical suffering for our beloved pet. Making the actual decision is the hardest part of the experience.

The answer varies from pet to pet but there are some ways to help you process the decision.  There is no single perfect moment in time in which to make that ultimate choice (unless your pet is truly suffering, something we are trying to prevent in the first place). Rather, there is a subjective time period in which euthanasia is an appropriate decision to make. This period could be hours, days, weeks, or even months. It is truly dependent on the family to make whatever decision is best for them and their pet. Some owners need time to come to terms with the decline of their pet while others want to prevent any unnecessary suffering at all.

  • Do they eat/drink on their own?
  • Can they use the bathroom on their own?
  • Are they experiencing frequent falls or injuries?
  • Are they uncomfortable and in pain or distress more of the time than they are not?

As you begin to consider these questions, know that we are here to help you through this difficult time. Know you don’t have to go through this alone.

How Can I Help My Pet?

You can help your pet in a variety of ways. Please make sure they have had a recent vet visit so we may ensure they are not suffering or in pain. Pets, especially dogs and cats, have a natural response to hide their pain-even when it is severe. Let a veterinarian examine your pet to ensure they aren’t quietly suffering.

What Are My Options?

  • End of Life Care
  • Euthanasia

We often imagine our pets passing away peacefully in their sleep, at home, with the people they love. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and as pet owners we need to make sure we are being attentive to our pet’s needs as they near their end of life. If your family is not ready for euthanasia, please call us so we may discuss end of life care available to your pet in order to make them comfortable.

Will They Be Alone?

Your pet will never be alone during a euthanasia. Our team is not exaggerating when we say we love your pet like our own. If you do not wish to be present during their euthanasia, we will be there every step of the way. We are proud to hold your pet’s paw from beginning to end. From their first puppy visit, to their journey over the rainbow bridge. Your pet will be loved, cared for, safe.

How Do I Heal?

Healing after a loss of a pet is so important. Please check out these resources to help you and your family through your grief: