Spitty came to us in 2001 not long after we had to euthanize one of our last clinic cats, Friendly, due to chronic renal failure. Spitty was named because she was a spitfire and she also was the spitting image of Friendly. Someone had left her in a cardboard box in the parking lot next door to our old clinic. When we opened the box to peer in, a scrawny little tabby cat puffed up and hissed and spit at us. It didn’t take long until she earned a permanent home in the clinic.

She patrols the clinic and makes sure everything is in order (her order that is). She often meets and greets clients in the exam room or may stop by to visit you and keep you company if your animal is in x-ray or the lab. She spends the majority of her time in the pharmacy making sure the technicians are doing their jobs and that the phones are being answered. Spitty likes to study and rest and dress up

In remembrance


Sweaty became a permanent addition in April 2013. When she first arrived, she spent some time recovering from two broken front legs but she has since healed and spends her time roaming the clinic. One of her favorite pastimes is observing staff filling pharmacy orders from the sink.